Accommodating lens implant

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Please take as much time as you wish to make your decision and please ensure you ask any questions you have regarding both your surgery and the both the pros and cons of Multi-focal lens implants with your surgeon.

By virtue of their older ages, most patients who undergo cataract surgery also have presbyopia.

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These IOLs provide useful vision at all distances and the most independence from glasses.Patients read standard print without glasses in all but the most extreme lighting conditions.Multi-Focus lenses are the implants of choice for patients wanting the greatest freedom from glasses for a full range of vision—so they can see distance and near objects simultaneously quite well in both eyes without glasses, in most cases.The Accommodative IOL (intraocular lens implant) is designed to mimic the movement of the natural crystalline lens of the eye.When we are younger, the natural lens is very flexible and easily moves back and forth within the eye as we change our visual focus from up close to distance objects.

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