Did josh hartnett dating rihanna

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He knows where she stays, where she shops, where she eats.He says a shot of her might fetch as much as five grand, depending on what she's doing or who she's with.Rihanna is believed to be a huge soccer fan, but this is the first time she’s dated a soccer player.She even partied with the German national team after they hoisted the World Cup in 2014. The relationship began in early June when the couple was seen at a variety of clubs and restaurants (more on that later) at various locations.In your place you have very nice restaurants , clubs, you can see a moovie star but in my place you can see the bauty of the nature.If you ever decide to come please let me know I have very big house. Thanks for the compliment :o) I made this painting (40x40cm) of Josh about 4 years ago and its still one of my favorit paintings I made. I saw Josh in London in 2008 after Rainman (one of MANY fans;o) and I hope I will see him LIVE again one day. Once called the "Bajan Beyoncé," Rihanna has established her own distinctive identity.

Originally reported by TMZ, the meeting took place at 5 a.m.

Every summer many friends come and stay to my house to relax and load bateries..

we can exchange if you like because i would love to see N. Some friends has sow me some pictures and it was fantastic.

"So," he says, with as much casualness as he can muster, "is she with anyone?

" Video, Photos: Rihanna's Hot Rolling Stone Cover Shoot As it turns out, she's with Mark — her security guard, a cockney bruiser with a heart of gold, who spent his formative years in East London beating the crap out of rival soccer fans.

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