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Leaning back shows aloofness and a lack of interest. Hunched shoulders convey fear and lack of confidence, and your date will pick up on these feelings and even share them. Steady your gaze Meeting someone’s eye is a powerful way of communicating.

Holding their gaze creates a strong emotional link, and is very seductive. Like Little Red Riding Hood with her porridge, you don’t want it too hot or too cold.

This means that you are the only gentleman supplied with details and photos of the ladies at any given time.

This therefore leads to a very quick and good result for you.

So don’t bother reading them, because I’ve done it for you. Leaning slightly towards the person you’re talking to makes you seem attentive and relaxed, and makes your date feel welcome and comfortable.

Online dating moves fast, and there’s lots of competition. If they reply to you quickly, then you’re free to reply to them quickly. A: If that’s what you normally do, go ahead – it’s the real you. It’s very rude to block them simply because you don’t fancy them. Six emails in total is enough to know whether you want a date. If you’ve been out several times, you must deliver the break-up face to face.

You just tell us what you are looking for and we will email to you immediately five profiles with photos of the ladies matching your requirements.

You are then required to choose only two ladies from among the five.

Those ladies you did not choose will then be reassembled and forwarded on to other members who may like them.

For only a small one off membership fee of 14.95 each month.

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